Technology and service – arouse and develop dormant sales potential

If something needs to be repaired and installed, complained about and maintained, overhauled, explained or renewed, it’s time for the technical specialists to provide service to customers.

A salesman first has to gain the customer’s confidence. A technician and service provider already has it and can only squander it.

Any sale is always the last one before the next. And the best confirmation of a good customer relationship is the next order from them. Does your technician know this? Does he act accordingly?

Klaus Kaiser’s training program is specifically tailored to your technicians and service personnel

  • Promotes customer-oriented thinking and activity
  • Reinforces sales-related communication
  • Trains tools for easy clarification of complaints and conflicts
  • And not least increases motivation and reduces downtimes.

This enhances cooperation between marketing and service departments. Customer satisfaction improves accordingly.

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